First time sailing advices

First time sailing advices

Things to bring to your sailing trip

Your trip is getting closer, you're sitting with a pen, making a list and wondering what to bring on your boat holiday? Lucky you!

Here you can find all the stuff necessary things you should bring with yourself whether you go sailing in Greece, rent a boat in Croatia or charter a yacht in Caribbean. Everyone has an experience with packing before going on vacation. However, packing for a boat trip differs significantly.

Don't forget to:

  • Pack lightly! The boat space is limited. Try to use soft bags as they are easier to store and will not damage the boat
  • Consider having unexpected situations as the change in weather conditions so bring some waterproof clothes and shoes
  • Check the dates of your documents
  • Bring your skipper licence in case if you're driving a boat by yourself
  • Bring some cash in local currency because it's not always possible to pay by card
  • Bring all the necessary medication and seasickness pills
  • Bring some mosquito repellent
  • Bring sunscreen with a high UV factor. Don't forget your sunglasses as well
  • Check if there is any toilet paper and soap on board - Have an extra reserve of food and water even though you've planned to eat in the restaurants
  • If you are planning active sailing, consider buying sailing gloves
  • Sometimes there are no clothepines onboard so buy them or take them with you - Don't forget your chargers and adapters

first time sailing advices

How to do a proper check-in

A proper check-in lowers the possibility of stressful situations during the sailing and unpleasant check-out. On the check-in, technician will give you the tour arond the boat and show you important technical stuff you will need during the week. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions about the boat.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Walk around the boat and check if there is damage. If there is, take a picture as a proof.
  • Check for the fuel level, it has to be 100%
  • Check with a technician if the anchor windlass is working, how to use it and how many meters of chain you have
  • Ask a technician where are the electrical fuses as well as windlass or winch fuses located
  • Ask a technician where are the waste tank valves located
  • Ask a technician if there is anything that doesn't work
  • If you have generator, A/C or watermaker, ask a technician how to use it
  • Check if any safety equipement is missing, if it does, report it to the technician
  • Check if the toilets are not clogged. The technician will go through that with you, but later you can check it by yourself by pouring some detegent or milk into the toilette and chacking on the side of the boat if it's foaming or the sea is white from the milk.

ATTENTION: Don't throw toilet paper in the toilet. Clogged toilet will be charged in the charter from 150-200 euros or dollars.


Additional costs on the sailing trip

Marina fees

All the marinas, buoys, even some anchoring places are to be payed for. In the marinas the price will include water and electricity. In some ports water will be available only a few hours a day so have that in mind. During the high season, popular marinas are crowded so it's not a bad idea to make a reservation.



You will get the boat filled with fuel and it should be returned the same way. At the end of the trip don't forget to stop on the gas station and fill the boat. Plan to stop in the nearest gas station because charter will check if the tank is 100% filled.

Food and drinks

Note: Have in mind that in many places on the islands, cards are not accepted, so bring enough cash in local currency. Also the ATMs on the islands take a big commision so exchange money on the mainland.




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