The Best Types Of Sailboats And Their Models

The Best Types Of Sailboats And Their Models

The world of sailing is wide and exciting and different types of sailboats offers unique experiences on the sea. It's important to know which types of sailboats fits our needs. In this article, we will explore the best types of sailboats and their models, giving you a good insight in different sailing styles and performances which this boats are offering. Join us in discovering the most popular cruising and racing sailboats that will make your sailing experience unforgettable.


The Best Types Of Sailboats For The Beginners

When beginners start their sailing journey, it's important to choose the right sailboat type that will help gaining skills and confidence easy. We are going to discover different types of sailboats and identify the key characteristics that should be paid attention to while choosing the boat for learning.


Stability and safety

Beginners should focus on boats which provide stability and safety, which is the key for building self-confidence and learning basic skills of sailing. Following models are offering these characteristics:

- Beneteau Oceanis

- Jeanneau Sun Odyssey

- Bavaria Cruiser


Easy to maneuver

It is important to choose a sailboat which is easy to maneuver, so you can quickly adopt basic skills of sailing and not struggle with handling the boat. Boats with simple sail hoisting systems and maneuvering systems are the best for the beginners. Following models are offering these characteristics:

- Dufour Grand Large

- Elan Impression

- Hanse


Size of the boat

Small to middle sized boats (20-35 feet / 6-10 meters) are usually the most suitable for the beginners. Smaller boats are offering simplicity of maneuvering and driving, which make learning easier. Some popular sailboats in this lenght span includes:

- Beneteau First 35

- Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

- Beneteau Oceanis 34.1


Bigger sailboats (36-48 feet / 11-14 meters) also can be suitable for the beginners, specially if they are sailing in bigger groups or with more experienced crew. Bigger boats gives you better stability and comfort, but they can be more complex to drive. Some of the popular models in this lenght span includes:

- Beneteau Oceanis 46.1

- Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440

- Lagoon 40 catamaran

  beneteau oceanis

Comfort and practicality

Even though performance and speed can be tempting, beginners should focus on comfort and practicality while learning sailing. Cruising sailboats are offering spacious cabins, well designet cockpits and functional living areas, which allows easy learning and relaxing.


Training and support

When choosing the sailboat for learning, it's important to consider availability of support on board. The possibility of hiring a skipper or an instructor will offer you leading and support during your first experience on a sailboat.


The Best Types Of Sailboats For Racing

Sailing isn't just a relaxing cruising or exploring, there is a whole world of a racing sailing where speed, performance and tactics comes to fore. If you are interested in participating in regattas, it is important to choose the right sailboat that will let you show your skills and compete on the highest level. We are discovering the best racing sailboats and characteristics that makes these boats the right choice for the competitive sailing.


Racing Sailboats

Racing sailboats are designed for speed and performance, while some of them retain comfort of the cruising boats. These boats are usually light, with aerodynamic shape of the hull and advanced sails technology. Some popular racing sailboat models are:

- Beneteau First series: First 24, First 27, First 35 and First 45

- J/Boats series: J/70, J/88 and J/111

- Melges series: Melges 20, Melges 24 and Melges 32


One-Design class

One of the most popular forms of competitive sailing is One-Design class, where all the competitiors use the sailboats of same construction and size. This creates a level playing field and allows sailors to compete based on skill and tactics, instead of differences in sailboats. Some popular One-Design models:

- Laser Standard, Radial and 4.7

- Etchells 22

- Star class

  Laser sailboat

High Performance Catamarans

For those of you who are seeking for the top speed and excitement, high-performance catamarans are offering a unique competitive experience. These boats use two hulls for the increased stability and can reach exceptionally high speed thanks to their advanced design and sails. Some popular high-performance catamaran models:

- Nacra F18

- M32

- GC32


Large racing sailboats

Large racing sailboats are to be sailed in bigger teams and longer distances or oceans. These boats combine top performance with the durability required for long-term sailing. Some popular large racing sailing boat models:

- TP52

- Volvo Ocean 65

- IMOCA 60

- Farr 40


Foiling sailing boats

Foiling sailing boats use hydrofoil tecnology to start ''flying'' above the sea, lower the resistance and reach above average speeds. Foiling sailboats became super popular in competitive sailing, including the prestige America's Cup. Some popular foiling sailing boats:

- Moth class

- F50 (used in SailGP)

- AC75 (used in America's Cup)


The Best Sailboats for a family

Sailing is a beautiful way to spend time with family, connect with the nature and create unforgettable memories. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner, it is important to choose the right type of a sailboat that will give you comfprt, safety and simplicity of maneuvering.


Cruising sailboats

Cruising sailboats are the most popular choice for family sailing because of their stability, space and comfort. These boats are designed for the longer trips, offering a spacious cabins, functional kitchens and comfortable salons. Some popular cruising sailboats for families:

- Beneteau Oceanis series: Oceanis 38.1, Oceanis 41.1, Oceanis 46.1 and Oceanis 51.1

- Jeanneau Sun Odyssey series: Sun Odyssey 349, Sun Odyssey 410 and Sun Odyssey 440

- Bavaria Cruiser series: Cruiser 34, Cruiser 41, Cruiser 51 and Cruiser 56

- Hanse series: Hanse 348, Hanse 418, Hanse 458, Hanse 548 and Hanse 588

- Elan Impression series: Impression 40, Impression 45 and Impression 50



Catamarans are the perfect choice for the family cruising because of their stability, huge space and privacy. Two hulls allow greater stability and less rocking on the waves, which is suitable for the families with children or the ones who are prone to sea sickness. Catamarans also offers more privacy, because cabins are usually situated in two hulls, separated from the salon. Some popular catamaran models for a family:

- Lagoon series: Lagoon 40, Lagoon 42, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 46, Lagoon 50

- Fountaine Pajot series: Lucia 40, Astrea 42, Elba 45 and Saba 50

- Bali series: Bali 4.1, Bali 4.3, Bali 4.6 and Bali 4.8

  Lagoon 42

Area for playing and relaxing

For the families with children, it's important to choose a sailing boat which offers enough space for playing and relaxing. Look for the boats with big and spacious cockpit, platforms for swimming and areas for sunbathing to ensure that all members of family can enjoy their leisure time on sea.

The variety of sailboats and their models on the market gives sailing enthusiasts the opportunity to choose the perfect sailboat that will meet their needs and preferences. Regardless of whether you are looking for high-performance sailboats for competitive sailing, something for relaxed cruising, or simply want to enjoy sailing with family and friends, we have a model to suit you.

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