What to do and what to visit:

  • Have a woulk around and inside Pula Arena
  • The 6th largest Roman Colosseum in the world
  • Take a boat to the national park Brijuni
  • Explore continental Istria and tasting tour in one of many local destillerys
  • Get lost sailing through many islands 

Sailing Conditions:

  • During the summer average air temperature is around 25 but it can reach up to 34, while sea temperature is at average 24
  • Wind is moderate, during the day usually from north-west, and in the afternoon it falls down and turns to the north-east
  • Tides are pretty low, up to 0,5 meters
  • During the winter average air temperature is around 8 and sea temperature around 14 degrees Celsius. Winds are bit stronger but rugged coastline and lots of islands offers a great shelter and anchorage.
  • In the offseason sailing conditions here are perfect, proof of that are many professional sailors comming from this area who achieved great successes in sailing.



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