The country counts:

  • 1800km of coastline
  • over 1200 islands of which 48 are inhibit

Charter your yacht or rib to go ahead and seek for some adventure, new experiance or just some time for relaxing on beautiful Croatian spots. Before or after your charter plan to visit one of our national parks like Krka waterfalls or Plitvice Lakes.


Sailing conditions:

  • Summer in Croatia is hot and dry with average air temperatures of 28 *C and sea temperatures of 24*C which makes boat holiday just perfect.
  • During the summer most common winds in Croatia are Bura and Mastral
  • Winters in coastal Croatia are mostly gentle and sometimes rainy, but can be perfect for sailing enthousiasts who seek for adrenaline and adventures.
  • Sailing conditions are ideal, wind averaging 10-20 knots, with moderate to small waves.



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