What to do and visit:

  • Visit the ancient city of Palermo: Palermo is the capital of Sicily and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. There are several ancient landmarks to visit in Palermo, including the Palermo Cathedral, the Norman Palace, and the Capuchin Catacombs.
  • Explore the island's beaches: Sicily is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Some popular spots include the beaches of Cefalù and Taormina.
  • Visit the ancient ruins of Agrigento: The ancient city of Agrigento is home to the Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site that features the remains of several ancient Greek temples.
  • Take a tour of the island's wine country: Sicily is home to a number of excellent wineries and vineyards, and there are several tours available that will take you through the island's wine country and allow you to sample some of the local wines.
  • Visit the island's active volcano, Mount Etna: Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and is a popular tourist destination. There are several guided tours available that will take you to the top of the mountain and allow you to see the active crater up close.
  • Visit the island's beautiful towns and villages: Sicily is home to a number of charming towns and villages that are worth exploring. Some popular options include the town of Taormina, the village of Cefalù, and the town of Ortigia.



Sailing conditions:

  • Sicily is located in the Mediterranean Sea, which is known for its warm, sunny weather and calm waters. As a result, sailing is a popular activity on the island. The best time of year to sail in Sicily depends on your preferences and the type of sailing you want to do. -In the summer months (June to September), the weather is generally warm and dry, with temperatures averaging in the mid-80s Fahrenheit (about 30°C). The waters are also generally calm during this time, making it a good time for novice sailors or those who prefer more relaxed sailing conditions.
  • In the shoulder seasons (April to May and October to November), the weather is generally mild and the waters are still relatively calm. However, there is a higher risk of windy conditions and thunderstorms, particularly in the autumn months.
  • During the winter months (December to March), the weather can be cool and wet, with temperatures averaging in the mid-50s Fahrenheit (about 13°C). The waters are also generally choppier during this time, so it may not be the best time for sailing, particularly for inexperienced sailors.
  • Overall, the best time for sailing in Sicily depends on your preferences and the type of sailing experience you are looking for. If you prefer warm, sunny weather and calm waters, the summer months may be the best time to visit. If you don't mind cooler temperatures and are looking for a more challenging sailing experience, the shoulder seasons or winter months may be a good option.


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