Italy Yacht Charter guide

Italy Yacht Charter Guide

The Italy Yacht Charter experience presents a wealth of experiences beyond the art, food, and wine that the country is famous for. Sailing along the stunning Italian coastline offers breathtaking views of picturesque coves, crystal-clear waters, and charming harbors like the vibrant Positano. Italy is home to some of the world's best food, wine, and art. Add in gorgeous coastlines, beautiful beaches, world-class fashion, phenomenal hiking trails, villas in Tuscany, and gelato, and you have the ingredients for an epic vacation. Italy is a favorite destination for many travelers for a very good reason. Name a better way of experiencing "la dolce vita," the sweet life then by experiencing the Italy Yacht Charter.

Best places to visit during Italy Yacht Charter experience

Amalfi Coast

A glimpse of the Amalfi Coast is like stepping into a dreamland, where reality transcends into a mesmerizing fantasy. Located in the Campania region of Italy, this UNESCO World Heritage Site covers 34 miles of majestic terrain; sky-high costal cliffs display vibrant vegetation and multicolored towns live side by side with the disarming turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, creating a scene that has the power to stop even the most seasoned of travelers dead in their tracks.


Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian) draws travelers from far and wide to its stunning rocky coastline that’s peppered with sublime beaches. While it's the 2nd largest island in Italy, Sardinia is still an undiscovered gem for many people. It's a fantastic alternative to different Italian islands that are usually swamped in summer. Beyond its enchantingly blue waters, the island boasts a ruggedly scenic interior, archaeological sites that predate Rome by thousands of years, well-preserved historic cities, world-class museums as well as a rich and unique culture.


Italy’s largest island, Sicily offers exceptional beaches, charming villages and towns, as well as an abundance of ancient ruins and archaeological sites. aces the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Swim in warm Mediterranean waters along rugged and sandy coastlines, explore mountaintop sandstone villages, and uncover centuries-old ruins from major settlements throughout history.

Italian Riviera

Nestled between the south of France and the Tuscan border lies the region of Liguria, with verdant and lush mountains to the north and east, and the sapphire-blue Mediterranean to the south and west. There is plenty to do—from hiking and biking, to water sports and fishing, to eating (very) well—and plenty to see, including some of Italy’s most aesthetically pleasing architecture. It's also easy to just enjoy la dolce vita along this coast, better known as the Italian Riviera.


Capri is a must-visit destination for its natural beauty, upscale shopping, and iconic landmarks. Sail through the Faraglioni rock formations, explore the famous Blue Grotto by boat, and wander through the picturesque streets of Capri Town, where luxury boutiques and chic cafes abound.

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